You Spoke, We Listened, We ChangedWe value the feedback and opinion of our customers and for some time you have raised concerns about the use of Carrageenan and Sodium Tripolyphosphate as natural gelling agents in our cans. We agreed to make the change and have been working hard to make improvements to our Daily-Dog and Daily-Cat Can formulations.

We have removed both Carrageenan and Sodium Tripolyphosphate from all flavours in our Moist Cat Can and Moist Dog Can range. We have been keen to remove these products from our cans for some time but have struggled to find suitable alternatives, until now.  Our improved formulation includes the totally natural gelling agent Agar-Agar, which is the perfect substitute thanks to its natural plant based origin and nutritional benefits.

The formulation is just as healthy and natural as ever as it still includes all the meat and organs that your dog and cats need. We simply won’t compromise on quality so nutritionally there is no change. And of-course, everything’s still sourced from trusted New Zealand farms and waters.

Customers may notice a slight change in consistency and appearance to the product from the re-formulation, and because it is a natural all meat product, each formulation, will have its own individual characteristics. The new formulations will start to flow into all markets as new production is made over the coming months.

Taste and palatability? Well, we have to take the word (the meow and the bark?) of our many ZiwiPeak dogs and cats for this. We have trialled the new formula over the last few months with our own cats and dogs and have had no change in eating behaviour.

So now, feed as before… and enjoy a thriving, healthy pet!



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    January 2016